All tours and locations are subject to weather conditions.  



All tours and locations are subject to weather conditions. If the responsible instructor deems conditions to be unsafe, we will make every effort to choose another location with more favourable conditions.  If conditions are not appropriate to carry out a tour or lesson safely at any location, the tour will be cancelled. Nowhere2far Stand Up Paddle Boarding will offer the guests the opportunity to reschedule when conditions improve, or, a full refund will be provided.



Payment is by cash only and must be paid in advance.



Nowhere2far Stand Up Paddle Boarding require a minimum of 2 persons for a tour to be confirmed, unless booking private tuition.  We will inform you with a minimum of 24 hours notice if we do not have enough interest for the booking to go ahead and offer you the opportunity to choose a later time or day.


Please provide minimum 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your tour.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the price of the tour/ lesson will be charged in full.  Discretion will be used in extenuating circumstances.


Family Policy

We agree that Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great family activity.  If children want to participate, they must be able to swim. Children that want to paddle on their own board, must be able to handle the board and paddle adequately for the duration of the tour.  Under no circumstances will the instructor transport children or unable adults on his board, unless carrying out a rescue. This is a strict safety procedure. If children are unable to paddle proficiently un-aided, the child may sit on the board of an accompanying adult at the instructor’s discretion.  This will only be permitted when conditions are deemed safe enough and it does not pose any risk, or affect the rest of the group. Please speak with us before completing your booking.



As a keepsake of your stand up paddle board adventure, we endeavour to capture a selection of photographs for your personal use.  We may at times use images on our social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. Please inform us if you do not wish for photographs to be used for this purpose.  Any other images taken outside of your tour/ lesson, are strictly the property of Nowhere2far Stand Up Paddle Boarding and must not be used under any circumstances without our permission.



All participants MUST be able to swim. Please disclose any medical condition, or injury that could affect your ability to participate in the activity safely.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.

We provide wetsuits, boards, leashes and buoyancy aids in open water.  Please bring sunscreen, hats, sun protection and water for personal use.


Code of Conduct

Our instructor has the right to refuse participation of any guest deemed unsafe, due to the consumption of alcohol or other substances.  


In the event of a refusal to partake in the activity due to negligence of the above, the tour/ lesson will be charged in full.