Sunrise Tour


EVERY DAY @ 6AM • 3 hours • €50PP

Imagine disappearing into hidden caves and grotto's with crystal clear, turquoise waters and paddling amongst awe-inspiring rock formations saturated by the early morning sun.

Our Sunrise SUP is an experience you will not forget. Only at sunrise will we capture the spectacular colours of the Algarvian coastline and experience the unbeatable stillness of twilight before our action-packed days ensue. 

A truly unforgettable experience and something we believe will inspire you long beyond your paddle boarding adventure. 

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Full day River Tour

the spectacular Vicentine Coast Natural Park

EVERY DAY @ 9aM • 7 hours • €80PP

Our full-day river SUP is going to take you into the heart of the spectacular Vicentine Coast Natural Park in the western Algarve. With unspoilt habitat, protected wildlife and outstanding scenery, for us, there is nothing better for the senses than Paddle Boarding along the parks pristine rivers. 

If you have been dreaming about what it is like to travel by SUP, then this is the experience for you!  

Includes a picnic lunch and fun introduction to wave-riding.

Nowhere2Far_OdeceixeRiver_SUPLagos_Portugal_Stand UP Paddleboarding.jpg

Sunset Tour

Sunsets over the lake

EVERY DAY @ 6PM • 3 hours  • €45pp

The beautiful Lake Bravura is the ultimate place to escape the holiday bustle and experience Portugal's wonderful countryside while learning to Stand Up Paddle Board.

Surrounded by eucalyptus and native umbrella pines, the lake has lots of pockets and inlets to explore in beautifully calm waters.  

Highly recommended for beginner paddle boarding and families.  The lake is a wonderful place to jump off the boards for a freshwater swim, bring a picnic for daytime SUP, or even try your hand at some SUP Yoga as the sun falls away on another perfect day!

Nowhere2far_SUP_Lake Bravura_Lagos_Portugal_Stand Up Paddle Boarding.jpeg